Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did you REALLY say THAT????

Can you believe some of the stupid things that people let fly out of their mouths sometime? I sit back in amazement and listen to how people can say such crap and MEAN it! LOL
On Facebook I enumerated some things and I am going to add to the list.  Today's series is called:


First statement: "This is just who I am" COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****! This is who you CHOOSE to be. You could change IF YOU WANTED TO. There is nothing motivating you YET to make the change. It is not critical yet, but ONE DAY IT WILL BE!

Second statement: "Christmas snuck up on me this year". COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****!! If you weren't able to do the things that you desired to do for people for Christmas then that is OK. If they love you, they understand. Christmas is EVERY YEAR, ON THE SAME DATE, IN THE SAME MONTH and it "snuck up" on you??? Really?? My birthday can sneak up on you, but NOT A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED HOLIDAY!! Just say nothing. :-)  If you feel insecure about not being able to do things for Christmas, then you are entitled to feel that way; however, don't go out of your way and say how a holiday that we ALL know "snuck up" on you. Just tell the truth..."I wasn't able to do the things I wanted to do for Christmas this year." Nuff said. It is just what happened this year and that's ok. But the LIE is Christmas "snuck up" on you. That is the equivalent of me walking up to you face to face, calling your name the entire time and I touch you on the shoulder and you scream and jump saying "You snuck up on me". REALLY????

Third Statement: "It is what it is" COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****! I absolutely HATE this phrase. People say this when they feel they can't change things or when they don't want to change things. It is a statement of powerlessness. Just because it IS, doesn't mean that it has to BE. It can be changed. I am speaking to the people that accept mediocrity, dysfunction and sub par things as law. It is NOT what it is...It is what you ACCEPT!

‎Fourth Statement: "I didn't mean what I said". COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****! YOU MEANT WHAT YOU SAID; YOU JUST DIDN'T MEAN TO SAY IT. Words are like toothpaste from a tube. Once it's OUT it's OUT!! 2 times I really listen to people; when they are mad and when they are drunk. Inhibitions are down & they say what they think & feel. If you don't believe me, make someone mad enough & see what they say to you. BE WARNED.

‎Fifth Statement: "I don't need people". COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****! If God intended that we didn't need anyone, we would all inhabit a planet by ourselves. Since we don't, my guess is that you are going to need somebody at some point in your life. Let these three words set you free..."I NEED HELP". You will be fascinated at what that admission will do for your life.

‎Sixth Statement: "Don't let what he/she said bother you. It's just words". COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****! Words are the MOST POWERFUL THINGS EVER. Words can start wars, destroy self-esteem, bring destruction, etc. When someone says that sticks and stones crap...I tell them I would rather take the sticks and stones than ...have someone verbally assault me. WORDS ARE POWERFUL and in the wrong mouth can be DEADLY.

Seventh Statement: "People don't get my sense of humor" COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****! HOW ABOUT THIS, YOU AIN'T FUNNY AND you KNOW you AIN'T funny. Being sarcastic & cynical is NOT humor. That's called being a JERK! If you're the only 1 laughing while everyone else is silent..leave before there's a situation cuz when someone catches feelings, you gonna punk out and play "victim". I say again...YOU AIN'T FUNNY!

Eighth Statement: "I'm not mean, I am just brutally honest" COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****!  Yes, you are mean!Look at the word "brutal".  Do you ever hear anyone say that someone is brutally nice or brutally generous? NO! People get arrested for brutality. So how in the world can you think that brutal honesty isn't being mean? We have all heard the saying "the truth hurts". Well, yes the truth can hurt; do we really need brutality along with it? Brutal honesty is unnecessary. You don't have to be brutal in order to be truthful. People who are brutally honest are doing so because that gives them a sense of power and control over the person they are telling the truth to. I have seen people watch their words of truth really hurt someone, only for them to stand there and say "I'm not trying to hurt you, I am just being honest". How the hell would you feel if someone did something like that to you? You probably would want to fight them. There is a way to say everything. Let the truth be painful the brutality.

Ninth Statement: "I don't want to have a lot of money. I wouldn't know what to do with myself" COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****!  I get so tired of people that act like having a lot of money is a sin. IT IS NOT! I hope to one day have a lot of money. I want to go about it the right way and do it the right way, but I would LOVE to see what it's like to say "money is no object". Well, I will put it to you like this...every time you say, "I don't want to have a lot of money", you are GUARANTEEING that YOU WON'T. That's cool; I will gladly take your share. :-)

Tenth Statement:  Male statement "I am the man of the house"  COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****! Let me tell you something fellas...(I am putting my MBA on the shelf for a second and speaking the way I want) If you ain't got no job, don't pay no bills and ain't tryna find a job, you are NOT the man of the house. You are a BUM! Oh, and let's make this clear too. Just because you knockin' the bottom out (and we all KNOW what I'm talking about) don't make you the man of the house either! Eventually, she will find someone else to beat it up that HAS A JOB, PAYS THE BILLS AND HAS ASPIRATIONS TO BE BETTER. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but your days are numbered. My suggestion is to go out and find a job quickly, take your sorry butt back to school and get some much needed education and start talking about your goals. Your penis will not overcome BEING BROKE. If she is working and you are not...DISASTER.

Eleventh Statement: Female Statement "I am looking for someone to complete me" COME ON, THAT'S A CROCK OF ****!  Ladies.....REALLY??  Complete you? Listen to how that sounds. You need someone to make you whole??? You ARE whole. What you really want is someone to share your life with. Lady, I know that you want a person to love and you want that man to be your everything, but I have got a wake up call for you too sister. GOD IS YOUR EVERYTHING. Everything else falls short...including the man that you are looking for that you think will "complete" you. And let's be honest...he will NEVER complete you. He will always miss the mark. Why?? Because he's human.
One of the phrases I hate is when a woman tells a man to "man up". What the HELL??? Man UP!?!? When a woman says that, she means one of three things: 1. Be like this man that I made up in my mind. 2. Be like this man that I saw in the movies and TV ("Love and Basketball" has messed up many a man) or 3. Be like my father. In any of the three scenarios HE WILL FAIL!! He won't ever be like the dude you made up in your mind because you will keep changing him and making him (the dude in your mind) better and better while your real man gets worse and worse. He won't be like the dude on TV or in the movies because his character and dialog are SCRIPTED so he knows all of the right things to do and say. Your real man DOESN'T. He won't ever be like your father, because let's face it...who is better than your daddy?? And if you were/are "Daddy's Little Girl" that man is going to catch HELL. Just let him be the best HIM that he can be. If that falls short or if his best is LAME AT BEST, then chuck up the deuces and BOUNCE.

Hope this opened your eyes and made you laugh some too! At the end of the day, all we can be is the best we can be, but we have to strive to be our best. Let's start in a positive direction and get rid of these statements.  Please don't be mad at me, I'm not being mean, I am just brutally honest. LOLOLOLOLOL [ GOTCHA! :-) ]

Sharpen your Edge and your life will never be dull.

I am
The Sharp One

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